African American Research Perspectives

African American Research Perspectives was an in-house publication of the Program for Research on Black Americans. Various issues were published between 1994 and 2010. The contents of each issue are listed below.

Winter 1994

African American Research Perspectives Winter 1994 Volume 1, Issue 1Volume 1, Issue 1

Robert Joseph Taylor

Black Intergroup Attitudes
Michael C. Thornton

Social Service Functions of the Contemporary Black Church
Cleopatra Howard Caldwell

Religion and Health
Jeffrey S. Levin

Immunization Coverage Among African-American Children
Valire C. Copeland

Race Differences in Adolescent Drug Use
John Wallace

African-American Adolescent Fathers
Kenneth Christmon

Unraveling the Paradox of Deepening Urban Inequality: The Multi-City Survey of Urban Equality
Melvin L. Oliver, James H. Johnson & Lawrence Bobo

Spring 1995

African American Research Perspectives Spring 1995 Volume 1, Issue 1Volume 2, Issue 1

Robert Joseph Taylor

African American Mental Health: Persisting Questions and Paradoxal Findings
David R. Williams

Mortality Outlook: An Overview of African American Health
Chiquita A. Collins

Socio-Economic Status of Older Black Americans: Education, Income, Poverty, Political Participation, and Religious Involvement
Robert Joseph Taylor & Shirley A. Lockery

Family and Church Support Among African American Family Caregivers of Frail Elders
Brenda F. McGadney

Economic Status of Older African American Women: Implications for Social Security Reform
Regina O’ Grady-LeShane

African Americans and Disadvantage in the U.S. Labor Market
Cedric Herring

When a Welfare Program is Terminated: A Study of What Happened to Michigan’s General Assistance Recipients
Sandra K. Danziger & Sherrie A. Kossoudji

Comparative Research on Adolescent Childbearing: Understanding Race Differences
Julia Henly

Paternal Identity Among Urban Adolescent Males
Waldo E. Johnson

Parental Practices, Parental Occupation and Children’s Aggression
Andrew L. Reaves

MASSI: A Framework for Achievement Through Diversity
Jennifer Moy West & Jacqueline F. Brown

Winter 1997

African American Research Perspectives Spring 1997 Volume 3, Issue 1Volume 3, Issue 1

The (Mis)Diagnosis of Mental Disorder in African Americans
Harold W. Neighbors

Motivation vs. Structure: Factors in the Academic Performance of African American College Athletes
Robert Sellers & Tabbye Chavous

Hate Crimes, Stress and Bigotry in the Late Twentieth Century: Where Are We Headed?
Tony Brown

Contemporary African American Religion: What Have We Learned From the NSBA?
Christopher G. Ellison

Understanding Marital Decline Among African Americans
M. Belinda Tucker & Claudia Mitchell-Kernan

Effects of Maternal Employment on Single Black Mothers and Their Young Children: A Longitudinal Study of Current and Former Welfare Recipients
Aurora P. Jackson

Black Politics, Redistributive Urban Policy and Homelessness
Betty Brown-Chappell

The Million Man March: Portraits and Attitudes
Robert Joseph Taylor & Karen D. Lincoln

Voting Rights and the Million Man March: The Problem of Restoration of Voting Rights for Ex-Convicts
Hanes Walton, Jr. & Simone Green

Spring 1997

African American Research Perspectives Spring 1997 Volume 3, Issue 2Volume 3, Issue 2

Sex Role Identity and Depressive Symptoms Among African American Men
Diane R. Brown

Marital Strain and Depressive Symptoms Among African Americans
Verna M. Keith & Romney S. Norwood

Mate Availability and Marriage Among African Americans
K. Jill Kiecolt & Mark A. Fossett

Underemployment and Household Livelihood Strategies Among African Americans
Gloria Jones Johnson

Black American Adolescent Sexual Activity Pattern: Abstainers, Mothers and Those in Between
Velma McBride Murry

The Structure and Outcomes of Caregiving to Elderly Blacks: A Research Agenda
Peggye Dilworth-Anderson

Same-Race Adoption Among African Americans: A Ten-Year Empirical Review
Leslie Doty Hollingsworth

The Relevance of Paternalism in Pretrial Adjudication Among Incarcerated African American Women
Sean Berberian & Garry L. Rolison

Spirituality and Religiosity in the Lives of Black Women
Jacqueline S. Mattis

Re-Articulation of Black Female Community Leadership: Processes, Networks, and A Culture of Resistance
Beverlyn Lundy Allen

Race and Gender in Group Research
Mary B. McRae & Debra A. Noumair

Spring 1998

African American Research Perspectives Spring 1998 Volume 4, Issue 1Volume 4, Issue 1

African American English Research: Review and Future Directions
Julia Washington

Parenting and Parent-Child Interactions in African American Families: A Synopsis
Melvin N. Wilson

Stress, Informal Social Support, and Mental Health Among Low-Income African American Mothers
Karen D. Lincoln

Marital Disruption and Marital Control Among Black Americans
Charlea T. McNeal

Early Coital Behavior and Substance Use Among African American Female Adolescents
Joyce West Stevens

Campus Climate, Gender, and Achievement of African American College Students
James Earl Davis

On Prison: America’s Increasingly Peculiar Institution
Geoffrey K. Ward

Consequences of Skin Tone Bias for African Americans: Resource Attainment and Psychological/Social Functioning
Kendrick T. Brown

The Media, Group Identity, and Self-Esteem Among African Americans: A Program of Research
Richard L. Allen

Caribbean Immigrants and the Sociology of Race and Ethnicity: Limits of the Assimilation Perspective
Regine Ostine

Sex Role Identity and Depressive Symptoms Among African American Men
Diane R. Brown, Karl C. McGregor & Lawrence E. Gary

Religious Involvement Among African Americans
Linda M. Chatters & Robert Joseph Taylor

Religion, Health and Well-Being Among African Americans
Christopher G. Ellison

Support Systems of African American Family Caregivers of Elders with Dementing Illness
Letha Chadiha, Nancy Morrow-Howell, Osei K. Darkwa & Marla Berg-Weger

Conceptual Issues and Analytic Strategies for Studying Cognition in Older African Americans
Keith E. Whitfield & Sherry Willis

A Review of Home Remedy Use Among African Americans
Stephanie D. Taylor, Eddie L. Boyd & Leslie A. Shimp

Fall 1999

African American Research Perspectives Fall 1999 Volume 5, Issue 1Volume 5, Issue 1

Older Black Women, Health and the Black Helping Experience
Angela F. Ford

Black Women in the Labor Force
Angela James

Wealth Holding and Financial Marketplace Participation in Black America
Ngina Chiteji

Middle Class, Yet Black: A Review Essay
Mary Pattillo-McCoy

An Exploration into the Efficacy of African Americans’ Job Referral Networks
Sandra Smith

Is Living in a Stepfamily Related to Positive Outcomes for African American Adolescents?
Mignon R. Moore

African American Identity in Adolescence
Daphna Oyserman & Kathy Harrison

Black Nationalism and the Call for Black Power
Andrew P. Smallwood

Differential Black/White Arrest Rates: Offending Behavior or Discretionary Justice?
Steven R. Cureton

Winter 2000

African American Research Perspectives Winter 2000 Volume 6, Issue 1Volume 6, Issue 1

Guardians and Caretakers: African American Grandmothers as Primary Caregivers in Intergenerational Families
Dorothy Smith Ruiz

Review of Literature on Resiliency in Black Families: Implications for the 21st Century
Gladys J. Hildreth, Major L. Boglin & Keith Mask

The Quality of Work Life, Self-evaluation and Life Satisfaction among African Americans
Anna Riley

Ways of Coping among Low-Income Inner City Women: The Multi-Axial Model of Coping
Essie A. Riley-Eddins, Stevan Hobfoll & Anita Jackson

The Combined Impact of Racism at Work, Non-racial Work Stress, and Financial Stress on Black Women’s Psychological Well-Being
Laura M. Morgan, Ruby L. Beale, Jacqueline S. Mattis, Erica L. Stovall & Denise L. White

Domestic Work in the United States of America: Past Perspectives and Future Directions
Colwick M. Wilson & Leon C. Wilson

A Social Cognitive Approach to Studying Racial Stereotyping in the Mass Media
Travis L. Dixon

Work Notes on Communalism
Robert J. Jagers

Anything But Race: The Social Science Retreat From Racism
Melvin Thomas

Black Youth and the Mass Media: Current Research and Emerging Questions
S. Craig Watkins

Spring/Summer 2000

African American Research Perspectives Winter 2000 Volume 6, Issue 2Volume 6, Issue 2

Critical Demography and Racism: The Case of African Americans
Hayward Derrick Horton

The Conceptualization and Measurement of Race: Confusion and Beyond
Ron Carmichael Manuel

Political Freedom and the Widening of Group Consciousness among Middle and Lower Class Black Americans
R. Khari Brown

Peer Support and the Academic Outcomes of African-American Adolescents: A Review
Erika D. Taylor

Research on Lesbian and Gay Populations Within the African American Community: What Have We Learned?
Juan Battle & Michael Bennett

Patient Satisfaction and African American Women: A Missing Link in Health Services Research
Valire Carr Copeland & Sarah Hudson Scholle


Intergenerational Households Maintained by African American Grandmothers: New Roles and Challenges for the 21st Century
Dorothy Smith Ruiz

Non-Family Caregivers of the African American Elderly: Research Needs and Issues
Robin J. Miller, Suzanne M. Randolph, Carole Kaufman, Valerie W. Dargan, & David H. Banks

Theoretical Explanations of Differences in Community-Based Long-Term Care Use between Black and White Elders
Van H. Luong

Depression, Mental Health and Psychosocial Well-being Among Older African Americans: A Selective Review of the Literature
Terry L. Mills

Elder Mistreatment in the African American Community
Edna A. Brown

Individual Differences, Ethnicity, and Aging: What Can Gero-genetic Studies Contribute?
Keith E. Whitfield & Dwayne Brandon

Fall 2000

African American Research Perspectives Winter 2000 Volume 6, Issue 3Volume 6, Issue 3

John Henryism and Blood Pressure in Black Populations: A Review of the Evidence
Sherman A. James & Peter E. Thomas

The Black Organ and Tissue Donor Shortage: A Review of the Literature
Stephen B. Thomas

Four Key Characteristics of Chemically Dependent Women
Olivia G. M. Washington

Cultural Differences in the Use of Advance Directives: A Review of the Literature
Marjorie E. Baker

Coping with Poverty: The Social Contexts of Neighborhood, Work and Family in the African American Community
Sheldon Danziger & Ann Chih Lin

Race, Kinship Care and African American Children
Jacqueline Marie Smith

A Review: The Role of Race and Culture in the Academic and Social Attainment of African American Youth
Prudence L. Carter

The Academic Pendulum and Self-Esteem of African American Males
Lena Wright Myers

Domestic Violence and African American Women in Rural Communities
Sharon E. Williams

Reconciling Race, Self-interest and Fairness: The Dilemma Inherent in American Democracy
Angela P. Cole

Issues Concerning Discrimination and Measurements of Discrimination in U.S. Labor Markets
Darrick Hamilton

Winter 2001 (Double Issue)

African American Research Perspectives Winter 2001 Volume 7, Issue 1Volume 7, Issue 1

Note from the Editor and Program Director
Robert Joseph Taylor and James S. Jackson

New Directions in Thinking About Race in America: African Americans in a Diversifying Nation
James S. Jackson & Nicholas A. Jones


Nonresponse Adjustment in a Longitudinal Survey of African Americans
Monica L. Wolford & Myriam Torres

Strategies for Sample Attrition Analyses in the National Survey of Black Americans
Marc A. Musick, Anna M. Campbell & Christopher G. Ellison

Group-Based Resources and Political Participation among Black Americans
R. Khari Brown

Are They Truly Not Religious? A Multi-Method Analysis of the Attitudes of Religiously Noninvolved African American Women
Jacqueline S. Mattis, Robert Joseph Taylor, & Linda M. Chatters

Work Conditions and Psychological Distress among African American Women
Verna Keith & Anna Riley

Social Mobility and Psychological Distress: Differences among Black American Men and Women
Sherrill L. Sellers

Hope, Happiness, and African American Fathers: Changes between 1980 and 1992
Virgil H. Adams, III & Jessica Nelson

Exposure to All Black Contexts and Psychological Well-Being: The Benefits of Racial Concentration
Tony N. Brown

The Significance of Skin Color among African Americans and Mexican Americans
Margaret Hunter, Walter R. Allen & Edward E. Telles

The Structure of Black Americans’ Attitudes Toward the Police
Thomas A. Regulus, Robert Joseph Taylor & James S. Jackson


Black Newspaper Coverage of Relations with Asian Americans and Latinos During the LA Riots
Michael Thornton

Racial Differences in Self-Reported Health among the Elderly: Biological or Social?
Ronica N. Rooks

A Content Analysis of Reasons Given by African American Adoption-Seekers Regarding Their Decision Not to Adopt
Leslie Doty Hollingsworth

Spring/Summer 2002

African American Research Perspectives Spring/Summer 2002 Volume 8, Issue 1Volume 8, Issue 1

Whiteness Studies: Past Research and Future Directions
Amanda E. Lewis

Issues of Black Identity: A Review of the Literature
Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck

Race Socialization in Black Families: A Selective Review of the Literature
Chreyl L. Lesane

African American Racial Identity: Theory and Application to Education, Race and Sport in America
Louis Harrison, Jr. & C. Keith Harrison

An Assessment of Wilson and Frazier’s Perspectives on Race and Racial Life Chances
Steven R. Cureton

The Meaning of Race Within Health Services Research: Biologically Significant, Social/Political Label, or Composite Proxy?
Daniel L. Howard

Arthritis, Depression, and Pain: A Biobehavioral Relationship in Older African Americans
Tamara A. Baker & Keith Whitfield

Contributing Factors to African American Women Caregivers’ Mental Well-being
Letha A. Chadiha & Rachel H. Fisher

African American Teenage Girls and the Construction of Black Womenhood in Mass Media and Popular Culture
Rana A. Emerson

Evie Evan’s Life History: Her Sociological Sojourn from a Lifetime of Crime to a Life of Dignity
Henia D. Johnson


Reflections on Race/Ethnicity, Class and Gender Inclusive Research
Prudence Carter, Sherrill L. Sellers & Catherine Squires

Untangling Race/Gender Economic Inequality: The Case of Black Women and Men
Niki T. Dickerson

Priming “Bitch” Schemas with Violent and Gender-Oppositional Female Rap Lyrics: A Theoretical Overview of Effects on Tolerance for Aggression Against Women
Angie Coletter Beatty

African American College Students in Predominantly White Institutions of Higher Education: Considerations of Race and Gender
Tabbye M. Chavous

Race and Gender at the Crossroads: African American Females in School
Susan Frazier-Kouassi

African American Women and HIV Risk: Exploring the Effects of Gender and Social Dynamics on Behavior
Kimberly D. Hearn & Lisa R. Jackson

Gender, Ethnicity and Depression: Intersectionality and Context in Mental Health Research with African American Women
Laura P. Kohn & Kira M. Hudson

Fall 2002

African American Research Perspectives Fall 2002 Volume 8, Issue 2Volume 8, Issue 2


Labeling vs. Early Identification: The Dilemma of Mental Health Service Utilization Among Low-Income African American Children
Michael S. Spencer, Laura P. Kohn & Jewel R. Woods

Poverty and Mental Health Outcomes: Epidemiologic Comorbidity Literature Review
Julia F. Hastings

Environmental Factors, Income Inequity, and Health Disparity: Emerging Research and Policy Implications for Black Americans
Terry L. Mills & Yvonne J. Combs

A Successful Strategy for Recruitment and Retention of Black Elders in Applied Research
Galyn A. Vesey

The Culturally-Sensitive Diagnostic Interview Research Project: A Study on the Psychiatric Misdiagnosis of African American Patients
Arthur L. Whaley


Rap Music, is it Really all Bad? Why Hip-Hop Scholarship is Important
L’Heureux Lewis, Mischa E. Thompson, Aaron K. Celious & R. Khari Brown

Turning the Tables on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Hip Hop as a Tool for Reaching African-American Adolescent Girls
Carla E. Stokes & Larry M. Gant

‘You Heard My Gun Cock’: Female Agency and Aggression in Contemporary Rap Music
Donna Troka

How “Bitch” Became a Good Thing-Or, at Least Less Bad
Aaron K. Celious

Whites and Rap Music: Is it Really all Bad?
Mischa E. Thompson & R. Khari Brown
Rap Music and Rap Audiences: Controversial Themes, Psychological Effects and Political Resistance
Travis L. Dixon & TaKeshia Brooks

With Volume! Hip-Hoppers and Their Responses to Social and Political Issues, Before Rap’s Golden Age
Clifton Watson

Winter 2003

African American Research Perspectives Winter 1994 Volume 1, Issue 1Volume 9, Issue 1

Literacy Skills in African American Students: The Legacy of the Achievement Gap?
Julie A. Washington

Racial Discrimination and the Physical Health of Black Americans: A Review of the Literature on Community Studies of Race and Health
Carl V. Hill, Rashid S. Njai, Harold W. Neighbors, David R. Williams & James S. Jackson

The Negative Implications of Incarceration on Black Fathers
Princess L. J. Currence & Waldo E. Johnson, Jr.

A Mountain Too High: African Americans and Employment Discrimination
Rudolph Alexander, Jr.

The New Black Conservative: Rhetoric or Reality?
Byron D’Andra Orey

Multiracial Recognition in the 2000 Census: A Personal Perspective
Ikeita Cantú Hinojosa

Organizational-Level Investments in Human Resource Management: Linking the Preferences of African American Employees to Workplace Behaviors and Feelings
Lynn Perry Wooten & Joycelyn Finley-Hervey


Searching for a Balm in Gilead: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic and the African American Church
Pamela P. Martin, Sinead Younge & Aisha Smith

The Black Church & Charitable Choice
R. Khari Brown


Generations, Regional Cohorts, and Political Participation Among African American Adults
Christopher Ellison

A Multiple Sample Comparison of Church Involvement and Black Political Participation in 1980 and 1994
R. Khari Brown, Brian D. McKenzie & Robert Joseph Taylor

Extended Family Households Among Black Americans
Robert Joseph Taylor, Linda M. Chatters & Aaron K. Celious

Health and Self-Esteem Among African Americans
Anna L. Riley

Factors Affecting Physical Activity Among Black Men and Women
Shirley A. Lockery & Denise Montcalm

Spring/Summer 2004

African American Research Perspectives Spring/Summer 2004 Volume 10, Issue 1Volume 10, Issue 1

Noble Principles, Ignoble Practices: Race and the U.S. Criminal Justice System
Renford Reese

From the Closet to a Place at the Table: Past, Present, and Future Assessments of Social Science Research on Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations
Juan Battle, Natalie Bennett & Todd C. Shaw

The Golden Years: African American Women and Retirement
Gillian Marshall

Social Services of African-American Congregations in the Welfare Reform Era
Stephanie C. Boddie


A Conceptual Model of Barriers to Mental Health Services among African Americans
Shawna D. Davis & Marvella E. Ford

Treatment of Depression in African American Primary Care Patients
Charlotte Brown & Deena R. Palenchar

Self-Esteem Research in Black Communities: “On the whole, I’m satisfied with myself”
Portia Adams

African Americans, Faith and Health Disparities
Leslie Swanson, Martha Crowther, Lee Green & Tony Armstrong

The Relationship between Racial Discrimination and Health for Black Americans: Measurement Challenges and the Realities of Coping
Carl V. Hill, Harold W. Neighbors & Helene D. Gayle

The Media’s Role in Reducing Health Disparities
Hazel A. Seivwright & Beverly P. Lyons


Cognitive Functioning among African American Older Adults
Sheila Black

Accelerated Cognitive Aging: A Hypothesis to Account for Racial Differences
Keith E. Whitfield


African American Families who Care for Adults with Developmental Disabilities or Mental Illness: A Call for Research
Sandra Magnana

Caregiver Education and Service Utilization in African American Families Dealing with Dementia
Constance L. Coogle

Custodian African American Grandmothers: Reasons for Caregiving and Assumption of the Caregiver Role
Dorothy S. Ruiz


African-American Family Reunions: Directions for Future Research and Practice
Julie E. Miller-Cribbs

Reading Between the Lines: Black-White Heritage and Transracial Adoption
Gina E. Miranda


Ebonics and Education: A Critical Appraisal of the Post-1996 Research Literature
Garrett Albert Duncan

From Elation to Uncertainty: Preparing for the Aftermath of the Grutter v. Bollinger Decision
Denise Y. Yates & Terry L. Mills

Fall 2005

African American Research Perspectives Fall 2005 Volume 10, Issue 1Volume 10, Issue 1


Interdisciplinary Solutions for Conditions Leading to African American Birth Outcome Disparities
Scott B. Ransom, Kristine Siefert, Lise Anderson, Jody Lori, Jessica McEntee, Jeanne Raisler, Cameron Schultz, Antonia M. Villarruel, and Xiao Xu

Leadership and Prenatal Health Disparities : It Takes a Village
Lynn Perry Wooten, Cameron Shultz, Briggett C. Ford, Lise Anderson, Adreanne Waller, and Scott B. Ransom

Improving African American Birth Outcomes by Understanding Information Seeking Processes
Elizabeth Yakel, Tashira Gibbs, Briggett C. Ford, Lynn Wooten, Lise Anderson, and Scott B. Ransom

Racial Disparities in Birth Outcomes: Poverty Discrimination and the Life Course of African American Women
Brigget C. Ford, Vanessa K. Dalton, Paula M. Lantz, Jody Lori, Tamiko Ortega Noll, Sarah Becker Rodseth, Scott B. Ransom, and Kristine Siefert


Implications of Black Youth Suicide for Mental Health Professionals and Future Research
Sean Joe

A Qualitive Study of Depression among Black African Immigrant Women: “It is just madness”
Earlise C. Ward, Sherrill Sellers, and David Pate

Determinants of Trust and Mistrust in Physicians Identified by African American Caregivers
Gloria J. Bonner, Carol Estwing Ferrans, Edna F. Moore-Burke, and Philip Gorelick

Using RARE for Insights into Minority Populations Living with HIV/AIDS in Florida
Graham Watts, William Livingood, Carolyn Woodhouse, Chirstopher H. Bates, Dawn Goodridge Carney, and Deidre Kelley

Black Church Culture and Programs: Implications for Faith-Based Policy and Social Service Delivery
Valerie L. Myers

The Rise of DuBoisian Studies in the American Academy: Implications for 21st Century Scholarship on Race
Larry L. Rowley

Cumulative Disadvantage Theory and Contingent Work: Race and Gender Comparisons
Gloria Jones Johnson and W. Roy Johnson

The Great Hope Of Academic Mentor Programs: The Unfulfilled Promise
Buffy Smith

A Literature Review: Outcome Measures of African American Adolescent Mothers
Afua Ottie Arhin

Spring 2008

African American Research Perspectives Spring 2008 Volume 10, Issue 1Volume 10, Issue 1


The Symbolic Annihilation of Race: A Review of the “Blackness” Literature
Robin R. Means Coleman and Emily Chivers Yochim

Under-representation of African American Students in Gifted Education Programs: Implications for Sustainability in Gifted Classes
Dorothy M. Singleton, Jonathan Livingston, Dorothy Hines, and Helen Jones

Mary McLeod Bethune’s Research Agenda: Thought Translated to Work
Stephanie Y. Evans

Theological Orientations within the African American Protestant Church and Their Relationship to Racial Identity
Sheretta T. Butler-Barnes, Pamela P. Martin, Sigrid J. Dixon, and Simone T. Robinson


Applying Stress-Related Growth Concepts to the Caregiving Process among African Americans
T.J. McCallum and Sarah Yarry

A Call for Support: Review of Informal Social Supports among African American Grandmother Caregivers
Gaynell Marie Simpson


A Commentary on Community Violence Exposure and HIV Risk Behaviors among African American Adolescents
Dexter R. Voisin and Vincent Guilamo-Ramos

Perceptions of Physicians in Medicaid Managed Care Practices regarding Working with African American and Latino Patients
Llewellyn J. Cornelius, Kieva A. Bankins, and Stephanie D. Brown


Spiritual Beliefs and Illness Management among Older African American Men
Idethia Shevon Harvey

Health Promotion Activities in Six African American Churches in a Southeastern Community
Cheryl Waites and Diana M. Urieta

Winter 2010

African American Research Perspectives Winter 2010 Volume 11, Issue 1Volume 11, Issue 1


Revisiting Gibson’s Guest Editorial on “Minority Aging Research: Opportunity and Challenge” Twenty Years Later: A Tribute
Letha A. Chadiha, Stacy Sanders


Depression in African American Males
Earlise Ward, Jared Collins

The Life Course Perspective and African American Adolescent Development in the Family
Bridget J. Goosby

The Impact of Diabetes on Cognitive Functioning Among African American Diabetics
Sheila Black, Ryan Leonard

African American Perspectives on Cancer Prevention
Lisa Hines

Theater as a Tool to Educate African Americans about HIV/AIDS: The Role of Historically Black Colleges in Addressing the AIDS Epidemic in the African American Community
Nina Smith, Jonathan N. Livingston, Karen Dacons-Brock, Kendra Batten, Howard Craft, Ken Harewood, Les Brinson, Dwayne Brandon, Pamela Martin


Two Snaps and a Twist: Controlling Images of Gay Black Men on Television
Jasmine Nichole Cobb and Robin R. Means Coleman

African American Lesbians: A Selective Review of the Literature
Kim L. Stansbury, Debra A. Harley, Stephanie A. Allen, Nancy J. Nelson, Karen Christensen


Resegregation of the Nation’s Public Schools: The Problem For the 21st Century and Beyond
Abraham L. Davis

Early Childhood Education and Services for all Children: A Call to Action for Social Scientists and Human Service Professionals
Jonathan N. Livingston, Sherry Eaton, Dorothy Singleton, Patricia Farrell, Venetta Wells, Camille Brown Judith Louis, Michael Boone, Erica White


Prevalence of an African American Liberation Theory: Context for Praxis
Liz Dunbar Knox