James S. Jackson Emerging Scholars Fund

James Jackson

The James S. Jackson Emerging Scholars Fund will extend the mentoring efforts of the Program in Research on Black Americans by providing support for up-and-coming University of Michigan research scientists. This fund offers an opportunity to support promising scholars, many of them minorities, at a make-or-break moment in their careers. For colleagues, friends, and former students, it also offers an opportunity to recognize James Jackson’s mentorship and dedication to the next generation—and to assure that his legacy will continue for decades to come.

PRBA Project Fund

PRBA Reunion 2014

The Program for Research on Black Americans (PRBA) was established in 1976 by an interdisciplinary team of social scientists who knew that high-quality national data on African Americans is critical to advance academic scholarship, to better comprehend their lived-experiences, and to guide the development of effective public policy. In a time of growing global Black migration and racial divisions in the United States and around the world, it is more important now than ever before to give voice to Blacks in the U.S. through support of PRBA, and globally through our new initiative, #WeGlobal: African Americans Living Abroad Project. Your gift will help support PRBA’s research, student mentoring, and training activities, as well as help #WeGlobal launch an oral history project, library program, and traveling museum exhibit.