Past Training

School of Social Work and PRBA Summer Mentoring Workshop 2019

School of Social Work and PRBA Summer Mentoring Workshop 2019

MUCAAAR Summer Training Workshop 2018

MUCAAAR Summer Training Workshop 2018

2019 Seminar Series

The PRBA and MCUAAAR co-hosted a 13-week seminar series from January-April of 2019. The seminar series presented inter-disciplinary social science research on the topic of Race, Health and Wealth Disparities. Presenters were from the fields of Sociology, Public Health, Social Work, Psychology and Economics. Within their particular content areas, series presenters used the life-course perspective to frame their research which spanned the perinatal period, adolescents, adults, and aging.

January 14 Tene Lewis “Discriminatory Stressors and Cardiovascular Disease in African-American Women: Moving Beyond Experiences.”

January 28 Courtney Cogburn “A Culture of Racism: Conceptual and Methodological Innovations”

February 4 Terri Friedline “The Racialized Costs of ‘Traditional’ Banking in Segregated America.”

February 11 Darrick Hamilton “The Politics of Personal Responsibility and the Health Consequences for Black Americans of Working Twice as Hard to Get By”

February 18 Karen Tabb Dina “Perinatal Mental Health: racial disparities and rural mental health needs”.

February 25 Marvella Ford “Recruitment and Retention Studies with African American Adults: Lessons Learned”

March 11 Taylor Hargrove “Health Contextualized: Inequalities in Physical and Mental Well-Being at the Intersection of Race, Skin Color, and Place.

March 19 Tuesday David Williams “Reducing Racial Inequities in Health: Using What We Already Know to Take Action” Winkelman Lecture (This is instead of the normal March 18 Monday session)

March 25 Christy Erving “Physically Vulnerable, but Psychologically Resilient?: Exploring the Psychosocial Determinants of Black Women’s Physical and Mental Health”

April 1 Tyson Brown “Racial Stratification and Health: Patterns, Upstream Drivers, and Mechanisms.”

April 8 Mosi Ifatunji “Psychosocial Stress, Health Behaviors and Disparities in Cardiovascular Health between African Americans and Afro Caribbeans”

April 15 Enrique Neblett “Racism, Racial Identity, and Psychological Health: Developmental Mechanisms During the Transition to Adulthood”

April 22 Eleanor Seaton “Racial Discrimination and Cortisol: One Pathway to Health Disparities among Black Americans”